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The London Bike Rides app guides cyclists around 30 hand-picked London routes. It reached the Top 3 iPhone Sports Apps within 3 hours of launching.

Quick Facts

App costs £1.79 at launch. It is produced by London Cyclist Blog founder Andreas Kambanis. He can be reached on this page. The app can be downloaded via this iTunes link. It works on all iPhones that support the iOS 4.0 software.

30 Bike Rides

The app has a variety of rides to suit the different cyclists that are likely to use it. From quiet canal paths for cyclists who enjoy traffic-free riding to challenging hill climbs such as Biggin Hill for those who prefer the exercise element of cycling.


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App Screenshots

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London Bike Ride App description

From tranquil canal routes to challenging hill climbs the London Bike Rides App is the perfect guide to great cycling in London. The app contains 30 hand-picked routes that vary from short five mile rides to longer 120 mile weekend rides that take you out of London.

You can pick a ride from the list when you launch the app or filter things down with categories such as levels of traffic and difficulty. Once a ride has been selected it can be followed using the iPhone GPS. Along the way points of interest such as attractions, cycle cafes and bike shops are highlighted.

Each ride comes with a description of the ride, as well as pictures and videos that show the ride in all its glory before you even set off.

The London Bike Rides app came together after hours of research, tons of recommendations and personal experiences from the team behind – London’s most popular cycling blog.


The trips are well researched, thought-out and presented.

“London Bike Rides app is fantastic! It caters for absolutely anyone with a bike and wanting to get out riding around London and beyond. The trips are well researched, thought-out and presented. The app is easy to use and has a number of handy hints too. I love that it’s not just about the exercise of the ride, there’s the interesting attractions, pub stops and bike shops factored into it too. The only problem is that I need more time to do all the routes in there!”

-Amanda L

Great for getting out and about in London!

"Love the London Bike Rides app, easy to navigate and use, it's got tried & tested, well researched, great routes and info. The app is full of helpful tips from how to stay safe on the road, what to take with you and how to hire a bike to where's the nearest pub, bike shop and interesting place to visit on your route. Great for getting out and about in London, away from your commute, and onto one of many fun rides!"

-Jules M

Future Plans

We're looking to expand the app to other great cycling cities and to continue to expand the number of rides inside the London Bike Rides app.